What is Culture Pulse?

The Culture Pulse assessment measures values, norms, beliefs, and behavior, and demonstrates how culture controls the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organization.


MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY: Support vs Performance. 

How do you motivate people to get best results? People who manage via Support will work alongside and inspire their team. People who manage via Performance will set benchmarks and measurable performance goals. A sales manager who resonates with Support will tell their staff that they are valuable. A manager who resonates with Performance will tell their staff that the goal is valuable.


How do you control outcomes? People with Loose Control improvise by embracing unpredictability and innovation. People with Strict Control mitigate risk by embracing efficiency and planning. A musician with Loose Control will write songs when the mood strikes. A musician with Strict Control schedules their sessions and sticks to a regimen.


What facet of the task at hand motivates you to continue? Goal Oriented people enjoy the result. Means Oriented people enjoy the process. A Goal Oriented mountain climber will focus on how to climb the mountain and a Means Oriented climber will focus on why they are climbing.

AUDIENCE ORIENTATION: Internal vs External. 

How do you react to your customer/client/audience? Internally Driven people are motivated by what they believe. Externally Driven people are motivated by what others believe. An Internally Driven film director will make an eventual cult classic. An Externally Driven film director will make a Summer blockbuster.

PERSONAL APPROACHABILITY: Approachable vs Guarded.

 How do you react to personal questions or stories? Approachable people give access to personal information freely. Guarded people keep access to personal information closed off. An approachable software engineer will initiate a conversation with those around them. A Closed software engineer will keep their head down and wait to have conversation initiated.

GROUP IDENTITY: Community vs Professional. 

What makes you a group? Professionally Focused people identify with their work, profession, and title. Community Focused people identify with the people they surround themselves with. A Professionally Focused Mayor will introduce themselves to strangers as “A Politician.” A Community Focused Mayor will introduce themselves as “A Public Servant.”