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Self-Leadership [7 Course Bundle]

Self-Leadership [7 Course Bundle]

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About this Bundle

Self-leadership is the practice of understanding who you are, identifying your desired experiences, and successfully guiding yourself towards them. It represents the foundation of leadership where individuals learn how to build and instill trust, to possess high self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and to learn to manage ambiguity through resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability.

Seven (7) courses in total, twelve (12) modules per course. Courses included:

Assertiveness & Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Improving Self-Awareness, Self-Leadership, Social Intelligence, Trust Building & Resiliency, Unconscious Bias

Course Outline

Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: What Does Self-Confidence Mean To You
  • Module Three: Obstacles to Our Goals
  • Module Four: Communication Skills
  • Module Five: The Importance of Goal Setting
  • Module Six: Feeling the Part
  • Module Seven: Looking the Part
  • Module Eight: Sounding the Part
  • Module Nine: Powerful Presentations
  • Module Ten: Coping Techniques
  • Module Eleven: Dealing with Difficult Behavior
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Module Three: The Components of EI
  • Module Four: Tools to Gain Control
  • Module Five: Verbal Communication Skills
  • Module Six: Nonverbal Communication Skills
  • Module Seven: Managing Relationships With Others
  • Module Eight: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Module Nine: Application to Business Practices
  • Module Ten: Benefits of Being Emotionally Aware
  • Module Eleven: Making an Impact
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Improving Self-Awareness

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: What is the Self
  • Module Three: Awareness of the Physical Self
  • Module Four: Time Management
  • Module Five: The Emotional Self
  • Module Six: Mood Management
  • Module Seven: The Psychological Self
  • Module Eight: Interpersonal Awareness
  • Module Nine: The Spiritual Self
  • Module Ten: Limitations of Self-Awareness
  • Module Eleven: Independence Versus Interdependence
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up


  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: What Is Self-Leadership?
  • Module Three: Motivators
  • Module Four: Behavior Focus (I)
  • Module Five: Behavior Focus (II)
  • Module Six: Natural Rewards
  • Module Seven: Constructive Thinking
  • Module Eight: Well-Being (I)
  • Module Nine: Well-Being (II)
  • Module Ten: Individuality
  • Module Eleven: Personal Application
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Social Intelligence

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Increase Your Self-Awareness
  • Module Three: The Keys to Empathy
  • Module Four: Active Listening
  • Module Five: Insight on Behavior
  • Module Six: Interpersonal Communication
  • Module Seven: Social Cues (I)
  • Module Eight: Social Cues (II)
  • Module Nine: Conversation Skills
  • Module Ten: Body Language
  • Module Eleven: Building Rapport
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Trust Building & Resilience

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Empower Staff
  • Module Three: Transparent Communication
  • Module Four: Keep Promises
  • Module Five: Personality Types
  • Module Six: Respect
  • Module Seven: Stress Management
  • Module Eight: Develop Positive Relationships
  • Module Nine: Overcoming Adversities
  • Module Ten: Change Acceptance/Management
  • Module Eleven: Stay Motivated
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Unconscious Bias

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: What is Unconscious Bias?
  • Module Three: Types of Unconscious Bias (I)
  • Module Four: Types of Unconscious Bias (II)
  • Module Five: Types of Unconscious Bias (III)
  • Module Six: Effects on Company
  • Module Seven: Mitigating Unconscious Bias
  • Module Eight: Training
  • Module Nine: Promote Inclusion
  • Module Ten: Benefits
  • Module Eleven: Handling Complaints
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up