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Talent Impact: Grow Your People, Grow Your Business [eBook]

Talent Impact: Grow Your People, Grow Your Business [eBook]

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Amazon #1 Bestseller in Human Resources & Personnel Management

Talent Impact: Grow Your People, Grow Your Business, aims to shed light on the crucial role that training and development play in driving success. It serves as a guide for leaders, managers, and individuals who are committed to fostering a culture of growth and excellence. These seven authors have provided their expertise so that they can influence how to move training and development to the forefront of a company or organization.


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About the Book

Improve your leadership and management skills by applying the core concepts of organizational behavior.

Navigating through the complexities of group dynamics in an organization can be daunting with challenges such as miscommunication and lack of cooperation often hindering individual performance. However, tackling and mastering these dynamics can lead to better outcomes. Organizational Behavior Essentials You Always Wanted to Know (2nd Edition) serves as a compass for creating successful, inclusive work communities that value diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures, benefiting both individuals and organizations.

What's new – This edition, authored by Vic Clesceri, a specialist in organizational development and talent management, emphasizes the significance of change management in any organization. The book also provides a broad overview of different assessment methods, allowing organizations and individuals to better understand their personnel and set goals that would highlight their finest skills. Additionally, this book includes chapter quizzes and keywords to reinforce concepts necessary for achieving high performance in the sphere of work.

Part of the Vibrant Publishers' Self-Learning Management Series, this book equips managers, business leaders, HR specialists, and students with a foundational understanding of essential concepts required for organizational development.