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Writing Essentials [7 Course Bundle]

Writing Essentials [7 Course Bundle]

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About this Bundle

Writing skills have unfortunately eroded over the years as we’ve become overly dependent on autocorrect, text-speak and instant messaging to convey our thoughts. Writing is a skill that many people may not consider critical for their professional growth. However, having good writing skills can play a crucial role in your performance and overall career. Whether it’s a simple email or a detaile research report, good written communication skills can benefit both your career development and your company since quality correspondence with multiple parties is paramount.

Seven (7) courses in total, twelve (12) modules per course. Courses included:

Business Writing, Collaborative Business Writing, Contract Management, Media & Public Relations, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Proposal Writing

Course Outline

Business Writing

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Working with Words
  • Module Three: Constructing Sentences
  • Module Four: Creating Paragraphs
  • Module Five: Writing Meeting Agendas
  • Module Six: Writing E-mails
  • Module Seven: Writing Business Letters
  • Module Eight: Writing Proposals
  • Module Nine: Writing Reports
  • Module Ten: Other Types of Documents
  • Module Eleven: Proofreading and Finishing
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Collaborative Business Writing

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: What is Collaborative Business Writing?
  • Module Three: Types of Collaborative Business Writing
  • Module Four: Collaborative Team Members
  • Module Five: Collaborative Tools and Processes
  • Module Six: Setting Style Guidelines
  • Module Seven: Barriers to Successful Collaborative Writing
  • Module Eight: Overcoming Collaborative Writing Barriers
  • Module Nine: Styles of Dealing with Conflict
  • Module Ten: Tips for Successful Business Writing Collaboration
  • Module Eleven: Examples of Collaborative Business Writing
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Contract Management

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Defining Contract Management
  • Module Three: Legal and Ethical Contract Management
  • Module Four: Contract Management Requests
  • Module Five: How to Create a Contract
  • Module Six: Contract Negotiations
  • Module Seven: Assess Performance
  • Module Eight: Relationships
  • Module Nine: Amending Contracts
  • Module Ten: Conducting Audits
  • Module Eleven: Renewing Contracts
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Media & Public Relations

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Networking for Success (I)
  • Module Three: Networking For Success (II)
  • Module Four: The Meet and Greet
  • Module Five: Dressing for Success
  • Module Six: Writing
  • Module Seven: Setting Goals
  • Module Eight: Media Relations
  • Module Nine: Issues and Crisis Communication Planning
  • Module Ten: Social Media (The PR Toolkit)
  • Module Eleven: Employee Communications
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Negotiation Skills

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Understanding Negotiation
  • Module Three: Getting Prepared
  • Module Four: Laying the Groundwork
  • Module Five: Phase One — Exchanging Information
  • Module Six: Phase Two — Bargaining
  • Module Seven: About Mutual Gain
  • Module Eight: Phase Three — Closing
  • Module Nine: Dealing with Difficult Issues
  • Module Ten: Negotiating Outside the Boardroom
  • Module Eleven: Negotiating on Behalf of Someone Else
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Presentation Skills

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Creating the Program
  • Module Three: Choosing Your Delivery Methods
  • Module Four: Verbal Communication Skills
  • Module Five: Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Module Six: Overcoming Nervousness
  • Module Seven: Creating Fantastic Flip Charts
  • Module Eight: Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
  • Module Nine: Wow ‘Em with the Whiteboard
  • Module Ten: Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio
  • Module Eleven: Pumping it Up a Notch
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Proposal Writing

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Understanding Proposals
  • Module Three: Beginning the Proposal Writing Process
  • Module Four: Preparing an Outline
  • Module Five: Finding Facts
  • Module Six: Writing Skills (I)
  • Module Seven: Writing Skills (II)
  • Module Eight: Writing the Proposal
  • Module Nine: Checking for Readability
  • Module Ten: Proofreading and Editing
  • Module Eleven: Adding the Final Touches
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up